Tuesday, October 17, 2017

24 Hours Of LeMons shenanigans

this camera guy is in his zone

I hope all of you are out enjoying the fall/autumn before it's gone

There was a Bomber gas station in Canada too! Had a Lancaster!

But unlike the B17 Bomber Gas Station in Milwaukie Oregon, the one in Canada didn't last long, as the plane was quickly desired for fire fighting, and after they fixed it up, and were taxing to take off, a fire broke out in the nose, and that was the end of that. It was scrapped.

In 1947, the Canadian Government decided to sell a number of Lancasters. The RCAF struck KB885 off inventory and sold it to Charlie Parker of Red Deer, Alberta for $275.00.

Charlie saw his new Lancaster as a potential magnet to draw customers to his service station

He began to tow his new bomber from the base on country roads and across farm fields.

For a time it was bogged down in wet ground but finally, after the ground froze, it completed its trip to Charlie's gas station that he named, "Bomber Service."

Health reasons forced Charlie Parker to sell "Bomber Service" in 1954.

Two years later, the business was purchased by Walter Mielke who was approached by Troutdale Airmotive Company of Oregon, who offered to purchase the Lancaster for $6000 and convert it into a fire-fighting water bomber.

The offer was accepted on the condition that the Lancaster was also replaced with a surplus P-40 Kittyhawk and it was moved to "Bomber Service".

In the fall of 1956 two air force mechanics from assisted with prepping the Lancaster for flight. New Rolls-Royce Merlin engines were fitted and run-up, the elevators, ailerons, and rudders, were refurbished, new tires were installed, and a makeshift runway was bulldozed in a nearby field.

As the big moment arrived in January, 1957, pilot-mechanic E. Robinson taxied the Lancaster through the snow to her new runway. Just before take-off hydraulic problems developed and while Robinson worked on the hydraulic system a fire ignited in the interior of the nose section. Before it was extinguished the complete nose section burned off and fell to the snow. The once proud bomber was towed back to the service station and later sold for scrap.


and according to this book:
there are 140 others that were hanging around Canada

the other bomber gas station that I mentioned, in Oregon, the B-17 is getting restored


Eclipse, and total eclipse. You know, you don't see an eclipse every day

e clips

and totalled Eclipse


Guy sells his car in high school. 17 years later he gets a call, new owner needs to get his signature on the title to register it. He was able to buy it back, now it's 2 years into the restoration!

it's often been said, "It's all fun and games til someone loses an eye"

The term, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye" is from Ancient Rome.

The only rule during wrestling matches was, "No eye gouging." Everything else was allowed. The only way to be disqualified was to poke someone's eye out.


I've mentioned this before but never seen it, the washer fluid is shot onto the windshield from spare tire air pressure on some old VWs

maybe it sneezed, or hit a land mine, or feels like the morning after a long bender

I've seen a lot of broken con rods, but never one like this

Pittsburgh airport auctions lost and found items, including abandoned cars (thanks Gary!)

Lost and found items at Pittsburgh International Airport don’t get thrown out. Instead, they are sold for a good cause.

"Anything that was lost and found, the money that we get for that, we donate that to charity,” Pittsburgh International Airport Spokesperson Bob Kerlik told Fox News. Among the charities that will benefit are Circles of Greater Pittsburgh, The Lion’s Club, Pittsburgh Chapter and Global Links.

This year's auction had a historic turnout, with more 1,000 attendees. About 400 of them were registered bidders.

One of the biggest items left behind at the airport: cars. About a dozen vehicles abandoned at the airport were sold to the highest bidder.


here's one place new car owners will never look, and a good place for mechanics notes

total wtf

What Mongo gorilla impacted these on?

those aren't weights, those are welds. Check it before you buy it.


not the first fake New York plate I've seen  http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2016/03/clearly-this-moron-skipped-lot-of.html

The coolest thing you'll see all month! Pissed off Swinford drives ON TOP OF Cullen's car, for spinning him out! Then Cullen punches at Swinford through the window, and cops taze Cullen

Steve and his daughter put this Camaro together for her senior year, (graduated as Valedictorian) because she loves muscle cars

It's actually a Firebird that already had a 69 Camaro front clip on it, and all the exterior sheet metal needed replaced except the roof skin.  So it was saved this way and much cheaper then buying a Camaro in the same condition

New quarter panels, trunk to filler panel, rear tail panel. Full replacement door shells, new dash, rockers panels repair, full one piece floor and toe board repair, and half quarters. Plus complete frame rails replaced. So basically only inner sheet metal structure was used

this is her yearbook photo, and the car was voted "best car" of the seniors for the year.
She hasn't gotten any tickets, babies the car, and won't let her boyfriend drive it... smart!


Monday, October 16, 2017

I found a cool Tumblr with lots of country and farm photos

the best way to get around before roads were paved, in farm country, to deliver the mail

The Moto movie previews, I hadn't heard of them until now... they're pretty good









Moto the Movie


Brian Deegan 9 minute bio pic

bad landings before pilots had experience made this airplane owner retrofit it with a roll cage to protect the expensive propeller... rudders were much easier to make, as they didn't need to be balanced

there's a lot going on in this photo with vehicles, in front of a Pierce Arrow showroom... what's with those backward ladders?

Cool signage on the upper right

Steve is basically a Sherlock Holmes, and somehow can learn a lot from very little, he saw this and found that the Pierce Arrow showroom was this company:
thanks Steve!

Rally of the Incas, 2016