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coffee and donuts video, 1960 road analysis from the highway engineering viewpoint, through small towns in Iowa at about 20-30 mph gives a timewarp view of small town mid America, almost Norman Rockwell-esque, skip the first 45 seconds

around the 2 minutes 30 seconds there is a slow stretch of small town and a Mobil and Texaco gas stations, and dang it, they all lasted through the 20s, 30s, 40s 50s, and 60s, but the oil crunch of the 70s killed them, then the economy killed off whatever remained

A 50's Mercury, two handguns in a bag with a 10-pound weight, and all hidden underwater in the Pineview Resevoir east of Ogden Utah

Crews first located the vehicle several weeks ago as they were testing sonar equipment, and last weekend four more cars pulled from the water, all 4 were stolen

stolen and abandoned cars found near the boat ramp in the Williamette river at the Oak Grove Blvd ramp in Fair Oaks, a suburb of Portland in 2013

Oak Grove residents built the boat ramp years ago without permission from the county, and county commissioners want to avoid responsibility for it.

The county closed the ramp in October 2013 after Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies found six abandoned cars in the river.

The commissioners could close the ramp or choose not to invest in it anymore if they don't like the results after a year or so. Department of Transportation and Development Director Barbara Cartmill stressed that the county is not on the hook for the ramp at all.

"We take no responsibility for that or acknowledge it," Cartmill said. "It's very hands off from the county perspective."

Stolen cars pulled out of Grand Marais Lake, Frank Holten st park, St Louis in 2015

a Camaro stolen in 1999 was found submerged in a lake located in New Port Richey, Florida, in 2014

Sheriff’s deputies stumbled upon this sunken car purely by chance during a survey of the area looking for potential stolen cars.

Beneath only ten feet of water, the Camaro was stolen in 1999 from a local dealership that has since closed.

Due to the area being largely undeveloped, until recently, the Camaro would sadly go unfound until 2014

Abandoned cars pulled out of the Columbia Rover Gorge east of Portland in 2015

William C. Putman's 1969 Buick Electra 225 has been his daily driver for nearly 50 years, accounting for more than 418,681 miles.

He bought the car on Dec. 9, 1968 for $4,700. He said that included the tax, license plate and all the other bells and whistles. He still drives his Electra today in its 99 percent originality.

Most days, one can find Putman driving his Electra to work for a few hours. Currently, Putman works part-time at Taco Bell in Boaz to “just get out of the house.”

“I just go and work a few hours to get out of the house,” Putman said. “Unless something real catastrophic happens I really wouldn’t have to do a lick. I just enjoy being around people. It’s a lot better than sitting around at home all day.”

Work is all he’s known throughout his life. He said while growing up he plowed a with a mule and picked cotton since he was 9 years old.

Putman’s first job came many years ago in Cross Creek, Florida at a Cannon parts warehouse. Putman said he and his wife combined to make $1 per hour. They later made their way back to Alabama where they worked a few different jobs until he decided to buy an OK Tires store in Gadsden.

Soon after taking the reigns, Putman transformed the business into what is now known as Putman’s Alignment Shop.

the Buick Electra, possibly the last car named after someone

Harlow H. Curtice, former president of the Buick division and later president of General Motors, named the car after his sister-in-law, Electra Waggoner Biggs

near Verdigre, Nebraska there is a nut who takes his long horn for a ride, regardless of the amount of filth it leaves in and on his car. That's why people use trailers

a group photo of the early LSR (land speed record) breaking cars

A rare woolly M48 Patton that has adapted to the cold of Europe by growing a thick layer of fur to keep warm.

Pedestrian killed by self-driving Uber car in Arizona, clearly, people who don't want to be bothered by driving should get a taxi or a horse instead of a self driving car.

Uber is suspending its self-driving car operations after a pedestrian was struck and killed by one of Uber's self-driving vehicles in Arizona overnight. Police said Monday the vehicle involved in the fatality was in autonomous mode at the time, with an operator behind the wheel. It was heading north in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe when it hit a woman walking outside a crosswalk.

Not that the crosswalk location relative to a pedestrian is a legit reason for an Uber self driving car to kill anyone or anything, but the news is certain that it's important to add the dead woman was jay walking. Effing assholes.

Always plead not guilty, as it seems no matter how clear it is that you're guilty, juries can't handle it. Maybe public defenders aren't so useless, and the DA is far less capable than I thought

I posted a story about this before

And now the result is in on the most recent and just wrapped up trial of Constantino Banda, who was charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license and felony hit and run.  A judge declared a mistrial on all three counts.

A mistrial was declared again Monday in the case of the oft-deported unauthorized immigrant accused of driving drunk and causing a crash that badly injured a boy returning from Disneyland.

This is was the second time a mistrial was declared in Banda's case. In September 2017, a San Diego judge declared a mistrial after jurors deadlocked over the first three counts, according to prosecutors.

How in the hell the district attorney couldn't get a conviction on DUI is one of the great mysteries of life. Why is water wet, why can't women and men think alike, and how is it a drunk driver gets a mistrial? 

Religion in vehicular use... holy smokes, this is all new to me! The Horning Church of Black-bumper Weaverland Mennonites split from their church in 1927 over the use of cars, but covered up the flashy chrome with black paint.

The Weaverland Old Order Mennonite Conference emerged from the Old Order division, that occurred in 1893 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania over the question of English language preaching. The trigger for the split was the a quarrel about the installation of a pulpit, vs traditional preacher's table.

Those Weaverland Mennonites opposed to cars became known as the Wenger Mennonites, more formally known as the Groffdale Conference Mennonite Church

Weaverland Mennonites are one of three groups in the Old Order groups which permit automobiles, the others are the Wisler Mennonite Conference and the Markham-Waterloo Mennonite Conference.

 Allowing cars and modern farm equipment since 1927 has brought about a major division among the Old Order Mennonites, who still do not drive cars.

The Weaverland group bases bases their doctrine and many church practices on the Dortrecht Confession of Faith, drawn in 1632 in Holland.

And now I finally know what grandma meant by Pennsylvania Dutch!

The church permits a period of exploration of American life known as Rumspringa, it's a rite-of-passage period for Old Order Amish when teens have time away from the religion, to get a good look at the crazy life the rest of the country lives, where they can decide to split from family and religion and head out into the wide world, or head back and join the church and spend the rest of their life committed to their conservative and strict religious life. About 90% stick with their religion

a Rumspringa practice developed by teenagers driving black cars in the 1960s was that when they thought they could get away with it, they installed radios in their cars and turned their white sidewalls out.

As communion approached, they would turn their white sidewalls back to the inside of the car, so only black tires showed. They also would remove their radios, or at least their more visible antennas.

Rumspringa for Amish youth normally begins around the age of 14 to 16 and ends when a youth chooses baptism within the Amish church, or instead leaves the community

Thanks Gary!

Wow, what a bug screen!

recently unearthed video of the birth of the rare Goodyear/3m/DuPont inflato model T

Wow you guys sure swarm like sharks when I chum the blog with an easy one

Just how stupid is the war on drugs?, and how ridiculous are cops who make it their mission to invent a drug deal so they have someone to arrest? I've said it before, "what's in those donuts?"

Officers from the 12th precinct, who were pretending to sell drugs in an attempt to arrest drug users, were approached by two officers from the 11th precinct, who treated them as they would any other “drug dealers” and attempted to arrest them.

A brawl between the two groups ensued after the 11th Precinct officers pulled guns on the 12th Precinct officers and ordered them to the ground. The situation only became worse inside of the house that was being raided. Confusion led to arguing, shoving, punches being thrown and someone being placed in a headlock.

It is not clear how the incident occurred, nor how the cops came to blows, but the clash following the mistaken drugs bust resulted in one officer needing to be taken to hospital for treatment.

This is not the first time undercover Detroit cops have clashed.

In February 1986, Officer Mark Radden and his partner, Officer Jack Buffa, responded to reports of shooting at the same house. The officers, both in plainclothes, exchanged fire unknowingly with each other. The firefight ended in the fatal wounding of both men.

How about instead, cops go find a crime being committed and deal with that... instead of creating a problem, they deal with the problems that exist

I'm not saying skaters are stupid, but the dumb ones won't be reproducing

And all of those skaters that try to slide down a hand rail on some stairs in a park, and land on their heads

because Deadpool is hilarious, and I'd rather watch his antics than her nonsense

summing up American Airlines

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muscle car engines were always under rated by the factories for racing series stats and car insurance premiums, someone took a new look at the big 8 and tells us some realistic numbers at the crankshaft

thanks Mike!

Cool Sinclair station in Cassopolis Michigan

they wrecked a lot of good cars for the movies

sweet display transporter like Tommy Ivos, with plexiglass sides to show off the race car, from Lenox Dodge

wow, dig the Ferrari tranporters!

An engineering explanation and analysis of the Florida bridge collapse, with video of it happening, that killed 7 and wounded a dozen others... by an engineer, at great length. Skip forward constantly to get the gist of it

dash cam footage of the collapse at 1:42 to 1:55

thank you Bill! This truly is a damn good and thorough explanation from an engineer with the specific drawing from the bridge planning dept and the dash can video, and video from the build engineers

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Coffee and Donuts video of the morning, Shelby pitches the Cobra, the GT 350 and the GT40

some photos have been scanned and put online by cretins who couldn't do the world a favor and label them, so those of us interested in the image could learn something about it

I bet this would be a huge traction advantage

without looking it up, I guessed that this was the Napier Railton, I was wrong, it's the Henry Segrave Sunbeam but that's not what's important... check out the truck hauling it, and the dual rear axle thing. A 1927 Super Sentinel

Super Sentinel Rigid Six Wheeler.

same photo that Alamy would like to charge money for. Assholes.

and the 1927 Sunbeam

Double-geared Super-Sentinel wagon in November 1927 and known as the DG.  These were originally all supplied on solid rubber tyres.

The six-wheeled DG6 proved most popular from the start outselling the DG4 two to one although the cheaper Super-Sentinel continued to be supplied for another three years.

Following the Salter Report in 1933, the government introduced new speed limits and a licensing system for commercial heavy goods vehicles and their operators. In 1934, tax on fuel oil was reduced while road tax on steam waggons rose to £100 a year. The costs and conditions attached to the new licences and vehicle duty were contentious as they were based on axle weight and could be very expensive. The new charges drove the heavier steam traction vehicles off the road in favour of the lighter internal combustion lorries.

The Kia Stinger GT is remarkably nearly as fast as a Mustang GT... seriously, is Ford even trying? When a Hyundai is nipping at your heals, it's effing time to pump some iron and get a bit more muscle

Car and Driver has tested both, and found that the Kia pulls a 12.9 1/4 mile.
They found the Mustang was a 12.6.

Then they had both in a drag race and the Kia won. Of course, that's somewhat down to racing experience and ability of the drivers... but, it shows a clear lack of dominant ability by the Ford.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In 1959, Americans James Conway and William Curtis launched Shamrock Motors in Tralee, Kerry. Canadian racer Alvin “Spike” Rhiando was hired to design the Shamrock, which allegedly looked so much like a Ford Thunderbird that it was nicknamed the “Irish T-Bird.” The Shamrock prototype was reportedly powered by a 1.5-liter, 53hp Austin A55 engine, had four-doors and a fiberglass body with removable hard top. Varied reports indicated that as many as 10 cars were built.

John Wayne in the movie Hellfighters, ina 6 wheeler

to me this qualifies as a crime against the car... some things just shouldn't be done

the moment they see this collectors are going to be making their own and claiming they've got the original that Carroll used

How'd they get that in there? It's not photoshopped

dual gate or auto stick, makes me wonder if any Hurst shifters had one word names

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go home excavator, you're drunk

The season finale at Riverside, the final race of the Trans Am 2.5 Challenge, had no trophies. The winner was given an old fishing hat by SCCA Race Steward Joe Henderson

The season finale at Riverside turned out to be the final race of the Trans Am 2.5 Challenge.

Morton wins Riverside, with Peter Gregg 2nd

For winning a Riverside, John Morton was awarded an old fishing hat by SCCA Race Steward Joe Henderson. It seems that the SCCA, with their fantastic organizational skills, forgot to have trophies made for the race.
The SCCA's Executive Director would not even approach the winners podium.

In fact things were so bad the O-2 series ended early for lack of interest. The 2.5 Challenge continued alone

“There is no race queen, no trophy, no celebration at Riverside,” wrote Wilkinson. “In the embarrassing scene in the winner’s circle, Joe Henderson, the SCCA series steward, presents John his old fishing hat because no one has provided a trophy.”

Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren movie about a last cruise on the open road in an old RV

just stick the landing for max points.

Hot rods vs fairgrounds cruisers