Sunday, April 23, 2017

1936 Auburn Ambulance

in the 30's and 40's, the car wash was known as an "Auto Laundry"

and look at the guy with the broom handle roof scrubber...

just to set the record straight, the first production line car wash was in Portland in 1911, though most people think it was Detroit in 1913. (Detroit has better marketing)

The first auotmated car wash was Paul's Automatic Speedy Best Wash, 1946 was the year it opened this is from Carwash Magazine, an online flip magazine, the official magazine of the International Carwash Association

Maddux Air Lines, just one of dozens of small business air lines in the golden era of city to city

LA to San Fran was 43 dollars round trip, San Diego to LA round trip was 15 dollars

the Isle of Man Motor Museum is also currently building a steam motorcycle to attempt to set the land speed record for steam

As part of the Isle of Man festival of steam (2017), three traction engines - Atlas, The Duke of York and The Great North - hauling the twin bogie trailer carrying Isle of Man Railways loco no.8 Fenella, fully 110 tons of mass getting moved by steam

A slow-moving convoy of locomotives is making its way around the Isle of Man as part of a steam festival. The road train, consisting of three Fowler road locomotives, will haul a trailer carrying the Isle of Man steam engine Fenella.

The Isle of Man Festival of Steam 2017 incorporates and builds on the success of the Rush Hour event, with visiting steam cars and road locomotives participating in a number of tours and events around the Island.

The most dramatic visual experience of steam powered heavy haulage to be seen on public roads for many years is this road train consisting of three iconic Fowler road locomotives hauling an Isle of Man Steam Railway locomotives on the Great Dorset Twin Bogie Trailer around some of the steepest and most challenging roads on the Island.

1965 fire dept training

Saturday, April 22, 2017

the police chiefs cars, 1928

interesting that they arranged the cars with wood spoke, then solid rim, then wood spoke and solid again. 

1906 and then 1907 fire dept vehicles for comparison, and the jump from horse to motor vehicle

the two from the above are in the next photo,

but I don't see the above vehicle in the below group. It has what appear to be clinchers or chains on the back tires. That's odd, but the roads were dirt back then though...

1933 earthquake damage in Los Angeles, and an ambulance

1922 Long Beach Fire Dept on White ladder truck

Santa Monica fire engine, very ornately painted

Christmas on Hollywood boulevard in the late 40s, and a drive through Bunker Hill in the 40s

Street sweepers in LA, 1957

Rare to see a Jeep with the doors off heading down the freeway

This is at Graceland, as the Willys jeep Surrey that security patrolled with. How did anyone not decide to change it to any color other than pink?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Compliments to the inventor of Hillbilly Surf theme car, at the Dollywood car show 2014

Dagmar bumpers

When they first came out, they were all chrome, but they inflicted so much damage to cars that were rear-ended by them.

So on later models, GM put black rubber tips on them to minimize damage, but the rubber tips gave them a look like they had pasties on them

Born Virginia Ruth Egnor in Logan, W. Va., in 1921, Dagmar was one of seven children whose father worked as a coal miner and construction worker. Growing up in Huntington, W. Va., she attended business school for a year after high school and worked in a local drugstore. Married at 20, she moved to New York City during World War II to be with her Navy commander husband. When he was shipped overseas, she remained in New York and began a career modeling sweaters.

With no previous show business experience, she was hired by the comedy team of Olsen and Johnson as a principal in their Broadway show "Laughing Room Only," in the mid-1940s.

She was such a hit that her salary soared from $75 a week to $1,250. She earned $25,000 for two weeks at the Roxy with Berle and appeared at the Paramount Theater with Frank Sinatra. Edward R. Murrow did a "Person to Person" interview with her in her lavish penthouse on Central Park South, and she even appeared on the cover of Life magazine, and famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt took a lot of photos of her.

crashing into a burial site and memorial for aviators... that's ironic. It's happened at this Burbank memorial more than once. 1940, and 1969

"Built in 1924 as the entrance to Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery, the 75-foot Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation is a Spanish/Mission Revival style monument and burial site for 13 pioneers of aviation.

It was dedicated in 1953 as a final resting place for pilots, mechanics and other pioneers of flight."

Here, "Spectators gather around the wreckage of a Navajo-Piper aircraft scattered at the base of the Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation in Burbank. The twin-engine plane crashed shortly after taking off from the Hollywood-Burbank Airport. Photograph dated July 21, 1969."

the shuttles Columbia and Challenger are represented by this model shuttle.

The cremated remains of the co-founder of Lockheed are in it, as are the 2nd female licensed pilot, and plaques commemorating important aviation events.

1954 Nash Healy LeMans rescued from neglect, even in this condition it's worth around 35 thou