Thursday, July 27, 2017

The interior of the Asahiyama Zoo Train

that is pretty dang cool... I'd love it now, but I would have lost my little mind when in 1st or 2nd grade

A train sits abandoned in the Arabian desert nearly 100 years after being ambushed by T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and his infamous rebels.

Whaaaaa t t the hell? It turns out, its a movie car, custom made to look odd. Just like the other dozen cars made for the movie Ecume des Jours / Fog of Days

For the film adaptation of Boris Vian's film Ecume des Jours, French filmmaker Michel Gondry has built models of hybrid cars by engineers at Peugeot.

In 2012, Michel Gondry shoots in Paris and in Belgium his film version of L'Ecume des Jours (with Omar Sy and Audrey Tautou, among others) for which we could see these strange cars. The PSA engineers participated in the design of about fifteen vehicles by reassembling different old models of the different brands of PSA.

here are a couple others, but go to the link after the photos and see them all

wouldn't you like to hang out in this warehouse

the Top 1 - Ack Attack, is heading to Bolivia to try for the record

still rolling on LA freeways

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

pedicabs in San Diego during Comic Con... some are simple marketing, some just get a vinyl wrap, others get a full make over to a tv show or movie thrown, chair, or chariot look

1973 Super Duty 455 Formula Firebird... they didn't really sell these with poverty cap dog dish hubcaps... did they? It looks ridiculous on a Firebird

Can you believe a new roof was glued on to repair hail damage, not welded per the industry standard, and then the body shop never informed the new owners or Carfax, and they nearly died as a result?

In a deposition, the body shop director said the shop performed repairs “according to the insurance company,” not based on the OEM procedures.

After a December 2013 collision, 33-year-old Matthew Seebachan and his 29-year-old wife Marcia were trapped inside their used 2010 Honda Fit when the glued roof caused the car’s structure to catastrophically collapse and catch fire, according to the lawsuit.

In pretrial testimony, Boyce Willis, the body shop director at John Eagle Collision Center in Dallas, admitted that the company ignored Honda’s repair specifications.

When the Seebachans purchased the Honda Fit in August 2013, the CARFAX report did not indicate any previous repair work or damage

“John Eagle Collision Center, by covering up its arrogant repair of using glue rather than following the manufacturer’s body repair specifications and using welds just like Honda had done when they designed, developed and tested the vehicle, created a time bomb that was waiting to explode,” asserted vehicle-safety lawyer Todd Tracy of the Tracy Law Firm in Dallas, who represents the victims.

Because the Honda Fit’s metal roof had been glued on by John Eagle Collision Center and not welded as specified by Honda, the collision set off a domino effect of structural failures, according to the lawsuit. The defective roof repair caused the car’s safety cage to collapse and the fuel tank located below the driver’s seat to rupture, the lawsuit alleges.

Trapped behind the steering wheel, Matthew Seebachan remained conscious as flames fried his feet and lower legs, before he was pulled from the wreckage by a motorist. Another motorist rescued his wife through the passenger window of the mangled car, according to the lawsuit.

The Seebachans bought the used 2010 Honda Fit from Huffines Kia in Denton four months before the crash. The CARFAX report presented to the Seebachans at the time of their purchase did not disclose the roof repair.

“There was no way the Seebachans or anyone from Huffines Kia could see that the roof was glued rather than being welded because paint and shiny trim covered up a time bomb,” Tracy said. “The testimony and facts in this defective-repair lawsuit clearly show that John Eagle Collision Center used glue instead of the more expensive welding because it cares more about getting paid by the insurance company than they care about putting a vehicle out there on the road that’s safe and reliable.”

the Jenks scale to differentiate between fake cars and real ones.

available on for 20 bucks

 A car is original if it is exactly such as on the day of its exit from the workshop. It is impossible today to find a car that deserves this qualifier. It would have had to be "put under bell" at the moment of its manufacture! The only one is perhaps the Trossi-Monaco which never took the start of the race for which it was built, the Grand Prix of Italy 1935, and which entered the museum the next day!

 A car whose chain of owners is perfectly followed, which has never ceased to be kept in working order, endowed with its original organs, which has never been modified and which, when it is indispensable, Has been professionally repaired with original components without altering its technical or aesthetic characteristics.

After having lived his life as a competitor, underwent modifications, the car was either restored to its original state thanks to its original parts that had been preserved, or put back in one of the configurations that had been his at a Time of his career.

A rebirth is a car rebuilt from original elements and new parts, after the initial car was abandoned, dismantled, and of which there are only a few disparate elements left when an amateur decided to give it back to life . So it was rebuilt from its ashes ... some of which had already flown!

A car born from the assembly of elements from different cars that had never been brought together before, possibly supplemented by remodeled organs.

An invention is a car that never existed. One copy in addition to the series produced, entirely realized with new parts. It can also be described as false, clone, copy, reproduction ...

Describes the name "replica" as an "invention" that was made outside the normal production period of the car, but by the same firm as the original cars (editor's note: they can also be called " Continuations "). They can sometimes be very difficult to detect

 Evil was born among the Bugattists. Some unscrupulous collectors sold to two different amateurs the parts of the same car, batches mixing engine components, body parts and chassis pieces. The amateurs, in good faith, completed the puzzle with original pieces - it existed a lot at one time. One morning, two Bugatti of Grand Prix, each one hit, here and there, of the same serial numbers, appeared on a circuit ... Only way out of the situation: buy the two cars to recompose the original car, then sell The remaining organs on the market of the spare part"

Denis Jenkinson was part of the Grand Prix tour. " Jenks " spoke little, listened much, looked avidly, wrote intensely. When he raised his hand, drivers, engineers, mechanics, even Bernie Ecclestone stopped to answer the question he had not yet asked. Jenks was in his nineties, the oldest, most learned, most respected of all Formula 1 journalists.

Jenks had studied engineering, and raced in motorsports on two and four wheels - always alongside the biggest. Without having the financial means to pilot, he co-drove or navigated, even was the monkey alongside sidecar world champion Eric Oliver in 1949, and Stirling Moss won the Mille Miglia of '55 with Mercede thanks to Jenks' inspired navigation notes, one of the most fantastic victories of Moss' career.

But more to the point, and the expertise about race cars, Jenks was a freelance journalist at the end of World War II for the English reference magazine MotorSport , a zealous observer of the starting grids, an attentive reviewer of the engagement sheets and a pugnacious interviewer. He lived seven days a week on the circuits, in contact with the stables, at the drivers' table. And, above all, he noticed everything, threw away nothing, methodically classifying his notebooks and the images he took during his encounters, races he attended - with special attention to everything that touched Maserati, on which he had written reference works.

Exasperated by the increasingly frequent appearance of more and more fake cars in the English historical meetings, Jenks opened his enormous archives.

In 1987, he published the masterpiece of his work under the title " Directory of Historic Racing Cars - The Survivors- Genuine, Authentic and Fake ". This little book, at 190 pages, had all the main vintage racing cars that could be seen on the circuits, describing their degree of authenticity, modifications, recreations, and deceptions ...

Seismologists have the Richter, sailors the Beaufort, and collectors now have the Jenkinson scale

coincidence that this topic was something I recently hit on

I gotta give someone some credit for this, it's the first I've ever seen porch lights on the car bumper area

ever tried to rationally explain to morons the obvious simple methods of dealing with life's challenges, only to be arrested... and know that you're going to slam them in court for being assholes?

It's called false arrest. Also known as robocop syndrome, aka power tripping.

is this for real? How freaked is that guy stuck inside the cab, and is he more worried about escaping, or getting air enough until they break him out... because, someone had to be there to take the photo

Yup, for real, Andy found this next image to prove it

Thanks Andy!

time to reconsider any thoughts of owning a Tahoe

Isaac Hayes' Gold Cadillac at Stax Records Museum, Memphis

I'd have gone with one in the middle just for good luck.

Russian Pickup Truck ZIL-130 Custom

wow, not many people get to decorating the engine parts to this degree of airbrushing

Team McLeish Bros compressed air streamliner Silver Rod went 55 mph on the salt

Compressed air, stored at 3500 psi in three scuba tanks, enters the McLeish engine's cylinder through what was the spark-plug hole at the top of the remaining cylinder.  Coming up with a throttle took a lot of experimentation, but the solution was a simple ball check valve,  McLeish simply added a return spring and linked it to the accelerator pedal.

Two conventional high-pressure regulators were used to meter the air leaving the tanks.

Getting the timing right was the greatest hurdle. "I looked at using solenoids," McLeish says, "but we couldn't find ones that would close fast enough. Eventually what we came up with is what I call a 'tubular rotary valve.'"

McLeish's tubular rotary valve is basically a piece of pipe with a hole in it mounted to the end of engine crankshaft. As the pipe spins in its housing, it allows the air through from the input hose to the hose that runs to the top of the cylinder.

McLeish's exquisitely small, steel tube-framed "Silver Rod" can be configured as either a streamlined motorcycle or as an open-wheel "lakester," depending on which axle assemblies and wheels are bolted in.

Despite the fact that there's nothing on board that is likely to ignite, McLeish wore the required fireproof suit. Seems ridiculous in the usual high temps of summer in Utah.

"The only question I had was whether we had enough energy to make it all the way over the course," McLeish recalls. Starting with 3500 psi in each of the tanks and running them down to 250 psi, he figured he'd be able to cover the short, two-mile course.

Except for its low speed, McLeish's run in the compressed-air powered Silver Rod was uneventful—and he topped out at a scorching 54.058 mph. Based on his two-way average speed of 46.723 mph, he set a record.

Mickey Thompson had tried building a compressed-air engine back in 1971 powered by 16 scuba tanks

The story appeared in the Dec. ’71 Hot Rod issue with the title “Mickey’s Bottle Baby.”

hot rod jalopys on a dusty track in the 1940s (thanks Steve!)

the Automotive Video Association has been created to provide media outlets that specialize in video content the ability to promote their industry,

The following car enthusiasts got together,

Nik Miles ( – Northwest
Roman Mica ( – Midwest
Alex Dykes ( – Northern Cal
Kyle Lindsey ( – North Carolina
Sofyan Bey ( – DC
Jason Fenske ( – Idaho
Matt Maranowski ( – Pennsylvania

The goal of the AVA is to promote video as the primary outlet for content, but is also aimed at auto makers as well to showcase the power of video.
The combined bandwidth of the AVA is in the millions for monthly unique views.
To ensure the successful launch of the AVA, the organization was founded by seven key video outlet principals
The AVA is made of the founding members and they will serve as the jurors for the first AVA awards.

The first AVA award program will be hosted Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. Titled “The Mountain Run” the event will be hosted at the Resort of the Mountain in Welches, Oregon.

Universal Pictures had a press junket in Havana for the Fate of the Furious movie.... dang. They must have misplaced my invite. SaabKyle did a really cool video about the Cuban cars and families though

ever fail to plan ahead? What about failing to figure out an escape, before you lock yourself into the truck?

the Lozier family still has one of their 100 year old cars in the garage

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

first time I think I've ever seen car moved by truck, sideways, in the bed of a F150

team McLeish Bros

Noise by Rocket Mufflers, Burbank.... 1956 The Throttle Queens participating in a competition at San Fernando's drag strip, reaching 97 miles per hour, they took first place in their division

as amazing as it is to finally by your first cool old musclecar, it's stunning to rediscover it when it finally arrives after months of being shipped from another continent to your home

This is the 1st I've heard of the 8000 car large concours "Classic Days" in Schloss Dyck Germany... it seems like only about 250 people attend it

a Shelby autograph on a Shelby Cobra is expected.... what autograph would you expect on a DeLorean?

How about Steven Spielberg's?

Making the DeLorean famous was something that only the Back to the Future movie trilogy was responsible for, and Spielberg was the Exec Producer.

So, Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, written in 2011, and which will be released in March 2018 brought the glovebox door to Spielberg and got his autograph on it. The only DeLorean he has ever autographed.

In the above images you see the Back to the Future DeLorean, and Christine, in a race of 80s pop culture cars, and among the many cars in the race scene is the Batmobile. Below is the preview, and it's full of cool cars and characters, from the 80s movies.

in the above screen grabs you can see Christine, and the A Team van

and Mad Max's Falcon and below is the original Big Foot

Monday, July 24, 2017

Bucciali and Mercedes SSK tool kit.

I don't feel guilty at all about not giving credit to the source on this one... they didn't bother crediting me as the photographer when they used my Model A tool kit photo

Whoa... that's a lot of tonnage to be sliding down the road on cat tracks

Ford decided that the logical food tie in for the Mustang was connoisseur ice cream... I can't picture that... but then they aren't paying me to market the Mustang

Ford introduced a limited-edition Mustang-inspired Orange Fury ice cream sandwich, created using Coolhaus Premium Ice Cream, just in time for National Ice Cream Day which was July 23rd, with limited-edition ice cream sandwiches were given out for free at various locations in New York City.

The treats were made of two fresh-baked Vanilla Whoopie cookies covered in orange icing, sandwiched around a scoop of the one-of-a-kind Orange Fury ice cream, then wrapped in a unique Mustang-printed edible wrapper made from potato wafer paper with edible ink.